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Each of the files listed below have been individually re-mastered and converted to digital MP3 files. These recordings were all taken from the original studio tape cassette masters. They have been enhanced and cleaned up as much as possible to reduce backgrounds, muffled voices and overall volume. But because of their age, and the quality of those original recordings there are files in the EMFJ Archives that leave something to be desired regarding audio fidelity. This is especially true for recordings made in living rooms; taken off the air from radio talk shows; or recorded on low quality equipment to begin with. However, we feel that the value of the information content in most of these files more than makes up for any lack in sound quality.

In all cases the precise recording date or location have been long forgotten and any supporting records lost. But overall, the date ranges span from mid 1976 up thru the end of 1984. But as a point of reference, the higher catalog numbers roughly correspond to the later time periods. For example, file ST141 would be several years newer in age than file JY22. Of course with the ensuing passage of years, speakers back then will refer to "current" events and persons that are now long past and some even long gone, including some of the speaker's themselves. However, as mentioned in the file ID lead in's, very little Mormon doctrine has changed since the death of Brigham Young. And of course in the case of history, what was wrong in the 1800's and the 1970's or 80's is still wrong today!

Clicking on the blue underlined "hot links" shown in the left column below will automatically download the MP3 file to your default media client and should start playing the introduction music immediately. You can simply listen to that presentation then and there. Or using your media client's "Save As" function, you can save a copy of the MP3 file to your local device to be listened to later and shared freely with others. If you right click on the hot link, you should be able to do a direct "Save A" without downloading to your media software first.

Recognizing that not everyone in the world has high speed internet, in the descriptions, we've shown the file sizes (in megabytes, "Mbxx") so you can plan your downloadings accordingly. Finally for any poor soul living completely apart from any kind of internet connection (i.e. say, 75 miles outside of Homer, AK for example!), we can arrange to get the entire MP3 library loaded on a single USB memory stick just for the cost of time, materials and postage. Just drop us a note to see if we can work it out for you.


Interview Files:



Interview With Steve Cannon -- Hosted by John Yount. Steve has been a missionary to the cults for many years. (22.4Mb)



Interview with Bob Witte-- Steven Winters of WCIE radio Lakeland, FL (25.3Mb)



John Yount Interview With Cindy Bauer -- Cindy's been in a anti-cult ministry in the Pacific region for many years. (29Mb)



KRBT Radio Talk From The Heart Interviews -- Rich Bueller interviews LA Temple president Robert Simpson in the first hour and then afterwards Dick Baer and Jim Garrigus of EMFJ examine what Mormonism really teaches. (47.4Mb)

Bueller, et al

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