Each of the files listed below have been individually re-mastered and converted to digital MP3 files. These recordings were all taken from the original cassette tape masters. Not many were done in any kind of studio environment. Therefore, some of them have been enhanced and cleaned up as much as possible to reduce backgrounds, muffled voices and overall volume. But because of their age, and the quality of those original recordings there are files in the EMFJ Archives that leave something to be desired regarding audio fidelity. This is especially true for recordings made in living rooms; classrooms; or recorded on low quality equipment to begin with. However, we feel that the value of the information content in most of these files more than makes up for any lack in sound quality.

In all cases the precise recording date or location have been long forgotten and any supporting records lost. But overall, the date ranges span from mid 1976 up thru the end of 1984. But as a point of reference, the higher catalog numbers roughly correspond to the later time periods. For example, file ST141 would be several years newer in age than file JY22. Of course with the ensuing passage of years, speakers back then will refer to "current" events and persons that are now long past and some even long gone, including some of the speaker's themselves. However, as mentioned in the file ID lead in's, very little Mormon doctrine has changed since the death of Brigham Young. And of course in the case of history, what was wrong in the 1800's and the 1970's or 80's is still wrong today!

Clicking on the blue underlined "hot links" shown in the left column below will automatically download the MP3 file to your default media client and should start playing the introduction music immediately. You can simply listen to that presentation then and there. Or using your media client's "Save As" function, you can save a copy of the MP3 file to your local device to be listened to later and shared freely with others. If you right click on the hot link, you should be able to do a direct "Save A" without downloading to your media software first.

Recognizing that not everyone in the world has high speed internet, in the descriptions, we've shown the file sizes (in megabytes, "Mbxx") so you can plan your downloadings accordingly. Finally for any poor soul living completely apart from any kind of internet connection (i.e. say, 75 miles outside of Homer, AK for example!), we can arrange to get the entire MP3 library loaded on a single USB memory stick just for the cost of time, materials and postage. Just drop us a note to see if we can work it out for you.


Teaching Files:


Why Mormonism Is Not Christian -- This is a detailed examination of about 20 scriptural reasons why Mormonism is NOT a Christian communion. (42Mb)

Bob Witte


Ham And The Priesthood -- This talk demonstrates that the alleged curse against the Negroes extended throughout Mormonism itself because the entire Mormon male population is decended from Ham! Ham, the son of Noah was the one who transmitted the curse of no priesthood thru the Flood. Although the priesthood is now given to the Blacks, this talk is still very valuable. (38Mb)

Bob Witte


After Mormonism, What? -- This talk is specifically addressed to the ex-Mormon, especially one that has just recently come out. There are a number of good insights and suggestions to help the ex-LDS in their walk with Christ. (21Mb)

Bob Witte


17 Points Of The True Church -- We have seen more and more of a little tract or card which the Mormons are passing around listing 17 Bible verses which "prove" Mormonism to be true. This message explodes that myth and examines those verses in context. Play this talk for Mormons! (41.3Mb)

Bob Witte


Profile Of A Prophet -- A few years ago, Hugh B. Brown of the 1st Presidency gave a "stirring" talk about Joseph Smith with that same title. This message examines Brown's points in detail. Listen to this talk with a Mormon friend! (43Mb)

Bob Witte


Mormonism & The Negro -- This one was given in July, 1978 just after the announcement of the "revelation" about priesthood. The members of a Black Baptist Church found this interesting concerning the lifting of the "curse" by the Mormon church. (36Mb)

Bob Witte


Bible Answers For LDS -- An examination of some of the more critical Bible verses misused by Mormons, i.e. Amos 3:7, 1 Cor. 15:29, Matt. 5:48, etc. (44Mb)

Bob Witte


Magic, Moneydigging And Masonry -- An excellent talk about the early dealings in these areas by Joseph Smith, given by one of the very best historical scholars of the day. (27Mb)

Wesley Walters


Paul On False Doctrine -- The Apostle Paul was certainly the greatest teacher of the Apostolic Age, and this Bible exposition clearly sets forth Paul's views on what false doctrine was and how we as believers are to react to it. (25Mb)

John Yount


Mission Impossible -- Few Mormons and even fewer Christians grasp that Mormon doctrine was clear from the beginning (and still remains so today) that the ultimate responsibility of each soul is nothing less than total pefection. Mormonism has no resolution for sin other than to "never repeat a sin, not even in your mind!!" (28Mb)

Bob Witte


Sixteen Requirements For Exaltation -- This is a good companion to R55 above. (31Mb)

John Davis


An Update On Adam-God -- Mormonism tried to bury this doctrine of Brigham Young's right after they buried him, but there's no escaping the reality of it -- or what it means in terms of confirmation of Mormonism as "another gospel." (29Mb)

John Yount


Fascinating Womanhood -- Sadly, this book is still being passed off as having a Christian foundation, but John clearly reveals otherwise. And what Mormonism want women to be, Christians should have no part in!! (25Mb)

John Yount


The Matchless Pearl -- This story (believed to be true) has circulated in tract form for decades. It is a great redemptive analogy for the unsaved. It is read by a voice over professional. (9Mb)

Bob Wells


The Pearl Of Great Price -- This is another reading of the "Matchless Pearl" cited above, but slightly revised to use terms that the Mormons will relate to specifically. (10Mb)

Bob Wells


Ten Things Every Mormon Should Know -- (40Mb)

Bob Witte


Facts & Feelings Pass Or Fail -- (37Mb)

Dick Baer


Psychological Exodus From Mormonism -- Five psychological aspects of leaving Mormonism are examined in depth. These are (1) spiritual; (2) intellectual; (3) behavioral; (4) social and (5) emotional. (30Mb)

Jim Garner


Unfruitful Works Of Darkness -- This is a live recording of the mid-1980's version of the Mormon temple ceremony. It was made by an active Mormon who entered the temple to do so on his own valid "Temple Recommend." This version shows more of its Masonic roots than the currently watered down scripts. (50Mb)

Bob Witte, Host


The Litergy Of The Mormon Temple -- This is a helpful companion to the above file. (41Mb)

Tom Shaw


Testing Mormonism -- Application of the various Biblical tests to Mormonism, to "try the spirits." (29Mb)

Melaine Layton


By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them -- An examination of the real fruit of a prophet called for in Matthew Chapter 7 (oh, and it is not "lifestyle"). (30Mb)

Bob Witte


14 Fundamentals of Following The Prophets -- This well known talk by then Apostle Ezra Taft Benson is examined in detail. Consider this information in conjunction with talk R113 just above. (36Mb)

Bob Witte


The Glory Of God Is Repentence -- As explored in the "R55-Mission Impossible" talk above, the LDS make "repentence" itself into an impossible work. But there's also a danger of watering down true repentence -- give a listen!! (18Mb)

Bob Witte


Moroni, Which Angel Is He -- (26Mb)

John Yount


The First Vision -- (49Mb)

John Yount


Who Said What To Whom -- (43Mb)

Bob Witte


The Operation Of Familiar Spirits In Mormonism -- (43MB)

John Yount


A study In Philippians -- (73Mb)

John Yount

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