Missing In Action

Sadly, each of the files listed below had to be excluded from being re-released at this time. Useable copies are either "missing in action" or if still in hand, have deteriorated to such a point as to be un-playable and therefore cannot be re-mastered into digital form. If you or someone you know happens to have one or more of these, I would love to borrow it in order to put it back in the collection for all to share.

Therefore if you do have one or more, or know someone else who does please get in touch so I can make those arrangements ASAP.

MIA Tapes:


JS77 Interview With John L. Smith -- Hosted by John Yount. Pastor John L. Smith was included as one of the most knowledgeable Christians on the 60's & 70's regarding Mormonism. He studied LDS theology for over a quarter century at this point and you will find his insights very helpful.


Articles Of Faith -- The Mormon 13 Articles of Faith on first reading almost appear to have been written by the Apostle Paul!! But these "Articles" are very deceptive. Each one is taken in turn and the truth about what Mormonism really teaches is exposed.

John Yount


What About Adam-God? -- An examination of the Brigham Young's doctrine that Adam was "our Father and our God" in light of the prophet's test of Deut. 13:1-5. Especially helpful is the refutation of the various Mormon "explanations" concerning Adam-god.

Bob Witte


How You Can Spot A Religious Quack -- Ten or so of the more important "marks" which identify a false religeous system. An important message for every believer.

John Yount


The Mormon Gods -- A review of the evolutionary process and development of the Mormon doctrine on the diety, culminating in Joseph Smith's doctrine that God was once a man and we can become Gods ourselves.

John Yount


The Mormon Temple -- A detailed examination of the Mormon Temple ceremony by a former Veil Worker at the Salt Lake Temple. Closely corresponds to the book "What's Going On Here?" the preparation of which John was largely responsible for.

John Yount


A Witness Encounter -- John Yount plays the role of a dedicated Mormon while Bob Witte "witnesses" to him. You will enjoy this unrehearsed "encounter" and learn some interesting things at the same time.



Major Mormon Doctrines -- As the title implies, this talk deals with the major points of LDS theology which the Mormons themselves often hesitate to bring up to "gentiles."

John Yount


Where Do You Get Your Authority? -- One of the really great attacks the LDS missionaries make on Christians is their challenge, "Just where do you get the authority to say what you say?" Mormons really think that they have God's only duly authorized "priesthood," but this talk demonstrates that their priesthood is built upon a foundation of sand.

John Yount


What Is Wrong With The Book Of Mormon? -- Few Christians, and for that matter even scholars or Pastors, can easily discern what is wrong with the Book of Mormon upon skimming through it for the first time. Much of it certainly sounds alright, but this talk will certainly help you "zero in" on the problem.

John Yount


Mormon Missionary Lessons -- There is little doubt that the LDS missionary "lessons" are an extremely effective and scientifically prepared sales pitch. This talk examines some of the mind manipulating techniques employed and therefore helps you overcome and avoid problems.

John Yount


Study On The Trinity -- Every cult attacks the historic Christian doctrine of the triune nature of the Godhead. Even though nobody is going to adequately understand the trinity, does not mean that we have a lack of reasons for our faith. This Bible teaching will certainly give you some excellent insights.

John Yount

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